Toby Salgado

Join Toby for a inspirational talk for a day about Business Leadership or a growing Start-up

Workshop Events

Leadership Summit

Next stage ideas for results focused entrepreneurs

This is an exclusive opportunity to step into an environment and learn how to take your business and personal life to the next level.

This workshop is designed to help you maximize your results and get extraordinary results with less effort, stress and less time.

High performance strategies to produce high performance results

Just Start

Blueprint to starting your company

Whether it’s a tech startup or a real estate business learn the blueprint to turning your ideas in to reality.

Whether you go Hired Gun approach or school of hard knocks this workshop will get you unstuck and get into the zone.

  • Entity Formation
  • Capital Raise
  • Finding Talent
  • Marketing
  • Accelerating Growth

Choose from four Proven Business Plan Blueprints For Creating Wealth

Life by design instead of life by default

Lead Generation Bootcamp

Learn how to create a lead generation machine with any budget.

Learn how to build your sales funnel with an ideal mix of free leads, paid leads, online leads & offline leads.

Learn how to create a funnel with both short term leads and longer term leads so that you never go from abundance to scarcity.

  • Learn how to do more with less
  • Strategies For Creating And Maintaining An Unstoppable Mindset
  • Master your sales persuasion & objection handling skills