Toby Salgado

Entrepreneur Mentor

I have mentored hundreds of high-performance entrepreneurs and over achievers through private programs or one-on-one mentoring. I help business owners optimize their results. Many times people just don't know why their business is not firing on all cylinders. Sometimes its a lack of experience and other times its an entrepreneur being scared to take that next step and they are not aware they are throttling their results. Many times its because they are living inside their businesses and simply cannot be objective.

Because of my duties and demands on my time from my other companies and project I don't get to take on as many speaking engagements or clients as I would like. I am very diligent about my commitment to deliver extraordinary results for those I chooses to work with. Spectacular and life changing results is what I help my clients achieve—anything short of that is unacceptable to me. I takes this commitment and relationship very seriously. Because of this I expect a serious commitment from my clients as well—both in effort and investment.