Toby Salgado


I was a strange kid. Growing up my mom was always telling me that I needed to be different than "those other kids". I was told not to do what the "other kids" were doing. I wasn't allowed to join any sports teams or go to my friends homes. As a result I found myself doing solo sports and building things by myself. Whether that was grinding down an old edger blade to make a Chinese throwing star or building jumps for my BMX bike; I was always building something or planning on building something.

More than building I was always dreaming. Envisioning the life that I could create. I knew at some point I would be free to determine my destiny and make my own choices. I chose success. Believe it or not, success is a choice. We choose to either live a life of mediocrity or the life of your dreams. We all have the same amount of time as Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs or Mark Cuban. The difference is how we use our time and the size of our goals & dreams.

Are you living a life by design or a life by default? What are your dreams? What excites you? What makes you happy? Do you want to climb Mt Everest, own a helicopter, build a school in Africa, own a Picasso or just lose 10 pounds. Whatever it is, it's yours for the taking. I would encourage you to take some time and create the biggest goals you can conjure in your mind and set out to accomplish them.